100 Gestures, 2023

Glass, Digital Video, Sound, Thread, Plaster, Paper, Wax

96" x 96" x 120"

100 different individual projects designed to expand and sensorily express a larger personal concept; intimacy.

ceramic and glass nestled

three cups secured with wax

bundle of stringers and a match


residue of devitrification

casting (hot manipulated - conserved with red thread)

graphite lined cup

residue of connection

cane secured with red thread

poem I There is a simple love for a burning match. Alone, Silent, Watchful, Indifferent. As all cover the faultless spire, many smile, hands smeared with clay.

plaster hand coated in graphite

carbon coated glass chime

found image

casting cup over clay

casting Residue

glass trail connected by red thread

polaroid of Lynn and Mackenzie

burn residue I

graphite gesture drawing (on black)

pipe head

burn residue II

poem II The spirit of the living forms our patience, reverent inspirations, and personality. As an Artist the performance is sacred, always about the hand and the feeling.

cup with candles and wax (broken)

carbon covered hand impression on glass

family photo

trail outlined with red thread

burn residue III (concealed with thread)

compilation of twenty

coffee stained paper and red wax

pile of trails

scribed carbon-covered disk

collection of artwork residue

excerpt of home (sketchbook entry 3/05/2019)

red candle

residue of holding

letters bound with red thread

burn residue IV

trail pile with yellow thread

acceptance letters (face to face)

bundle of stringers

glass stone and Image

letter for a creative soulmate

glass drop hovering over found image

graphite gesture drawing

casting (hot manipulated)

track of thirteen

pile of installation residue