About Mackenzie

Mackenzie started working with glass in the fall of 2017 at when she transferred to the University of Wisconsin-River Falls. Despite primarily working with Photo and Ceramics prior to her exposure, she was instantly drawn to the fast-paced process and mesmerizing material the art form provided.

In the summer of 2019, Mackenzie moved to Corning, NY to work at the museum of glass where she first started to explore the intersection between material, nature, and the processes that connect the two with the utilization of photography. After coming back from New York to finish her last semester, Mackenzie fully embraced the cross-disciplinary approach to her making style, merging photo and video with her glasswork in a way that would eventually become integral to her process.

Since moving back to New York to peruse her Master in Fine Art Glass at the Rochester institute of Technology, her work has grown to be strongly influenced by her interest in the physical processes of the surrounding world. Utilizing photography, performance, and glass, Mackenzie provides a new framework for understanding the way our interactions and relationships impact our processes of creating and how they in turn reflect onto the same connections.

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