Sound & Color, 2019

Site Specific Installation, Metal, Wood, Digital Projection

120" x 90" x 90"

The physical process of creating a piece, from the first gather of glass to the soft click of the annealer door shutting, has always appealed to me more than the satisfaction having a piece at the end of the day.

Glass as a material and as a process is a being of its own; the plasticity of the glass as it glows a clean and clear orange, well above two thousand degrees directly from the belly of the furnace, draws eyes in with a mesmerizing sway, the smell of the smoke and the sharp burn when it’s inhaled as the glass is cradled in sweet wooden blocks, and the feeling of the smooth steel pipe rolling against the metal rail with the ever present heavy hum of the gloryhole. These details that are present during the glassblowing process give the material a uniquely compelling nature that makes my connection to the material feel stronger than when compared to the feeling of holding a finished piece.

Using a combination of video projection and audio I aim to capture some of those sensations and intricacies that I notice while working in the studio, in an attempt to allow the viewer a glimpse into my personal experience while working with glass.