Out of Context - Solo Exhibition, 2022

UW-River Falls University Gallery - River Falls, WI

My greatest interests lay in the processes of the world. It is the minutiae of detail, documentation of the overlooked, and the desire to accentuate processes over their culmination that have come to define my work over the last two pandemic-limiting years.

Utilizing photography and video projection, I aim to capture the emotive characteristics of the glass process and complexities of nature: gloryhole light reflecting like the sun dipping below the horizon, the color of the sky shifting the same as cooling glass, the ripple of cresting waves like flame moving over the body of a piece. A marriage of intricacies, seemingly incompatible, coming together to a seamless exploration of the meditative and esoteric qualities that exist in both.

Several pieces: Agate Beach, North Shore, and Reflection Pool, from Out of Context originally existed as site specific installations. When choosing to display them I decided to include both the documentation of those installations as well as the physical glass piece situated in a way that is meant to reflect the environment they were initially photographed in.

My hope with these pieces is to highlight the significance that can be lost when we make the decision to display work in a more controlled space.


The final piece in Out of Context is a part of a work-in-progress body of work. Glass Nebulae depicts the reflections that move through 2000 degree molten glass, reflected back on the wall through a flat glass disk called a rondel. This piece is meant to represent and emphasize the intricacies that are present during the glassblowing process that give the material a uniquely compelling nature.